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What Can You Do?

If you want to Save Money you could;

  • Reduce draughts, but ensure there’s enough ventilation to avoid condensation

  • Insulate loft and cavity walls,

  • Fit Secondary glazing,

  • Switch appliances off rather than leaving on standby,

  • Turn the thermostat down, but not too far,

  • Check if you’re paying a reasonable gas and electric tariff, if you’re on a Economy 7 meter check if you use enough night time electricity to make it worthwhile,

  • Shower instead of taking a bath, providing it’s not a power shower,

  • Fit compact fluorescent lightbulbs, and turn off lights when not needed,

  • Cycle or walk short distances,

  • Drive more carefully, and ensure tyre pressures are adequate,

  • Consider whether the household could run with less vehicles.


If you want to Invest Money you could;

  • Fit photovoltaic panels, or in rural areas consider a wind turbine, you can then claim the Feed in Tariff

  • Fit an Immersun if you have PV already and a hot water tank, this gives you solar hot water without a separate solar thermal system,

  • Fit a biomass boiler or heat pump, you can then claim the renewable heat incentive - this is particularly good if you’re not on mains gas,

  • Fit a new gas boiler if your existing one is more than 15 years old, (or a new oil boiler or high retention storage heaters if you’re not on mains gas and have discounted a biomass boiler or heat pump)

  • Fit solid wall and/or sloping ceiling insulation,

  • Fit double glazing, though the payback periods tend to be long there are other benefits,

  • Replace old fridges, freezers and washing machine,

  • Fit LED light bulbs,

  • Buy yourself a bicycle and/or a more efficient car, and consider an electric one – particularly if you have PV,

  • Invest in a community energy scheme - such as Shrewsbury Hydro.


If you want to Save the Planet you should consider;

  • Any of the above,

  • Flying less, and try to arrange direct flights if you are flying.

For advice on any of these options do get in touch.

see www.aef.org.uk for info on the effects of flying

and www.seat61.com for info on international train travel.

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