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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announces amendments to MEES (PRS) regulations requiring landlords to install energy efficiency measures to domestic homes.


Since April this year, landlords who own some of the coldest privately rented homes have been required to improve these properties with energy efficiency measures where support is available to cover the costs. The new measures, announced on 5th November following a public consultation, will go further requiring landlords to contribute to the cost of upgrades.

The amendments include the introduction of a capped landlord contribution of £3,500 (inclusive of VAT) with any available third-party funding, including Green Deal finance and local authority grant funding, to be counted within the cap.

For further details please see the Elmhurst website or the press release from BEIS. Or the MEES page of this website. 

We are already working with the National Trust and the Central England Co-operative to help them assess and upgrade their property portfolios, we are available to discuss the issues and potentials with other landlords big and small. 

June 2016

Our tailored Minimum Energy Requirement (MEES) reports for rented properties are now available.  Do get in touch to find out how we can help you to assess your portfolio and to make informed decisions about which improvement measures to carry out.

Dec 2016

Dave Green Recognised as a Trailblazer for Promoting Innovation  

Changes to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme


From 24th March 2016, a Green Deal report will no longer be required as part of an RHI application, although applicants will still need to meet the minimum requirements of loft and cavity wall installation and provide a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that is no more than 24 months old.

Further changes to the RHI scheme are due to take effect from April 2017, when a cap on the heat demand figure and the withdrawal of support for solar thermal are anticipated.

Review of the Feed-In Tariff


The government has announced revisions to the Feed-In Tariff. Full details can be found here but to summarize:

A, applications at the current rate have to be in by January 15th 2016, so if you haven't booked a system yet you're probably too late. But,

B, whilst the feed in tariff is dropping 65% after January 15th 2016 the export allowance and own use will stay the same so the overall drop is around 35%. Good schemes with South facing roof, easy access and high levels of own use will still be economically viable.


ESOS assessments


The deadline for submitting your notification of compliance with ESOS was 5 December 2015. If you have missed the deadline, it is important that you notify the Environment Agency of your intent to comply as soon as possible in order to have the best chance of avoiding enforcement action, including the possibility of civil penalties.

In order to do that you will need to have appointed a registered lead assessor. If you have not appointed a lead assessor yet then contact ESOSA or visit the ESOSA website for a copy of our scoping document so we can prepare a quote for you.

Update on Feed-In Tariff


Following on from our earlier news report, the consultation for the review of the  Feed-In Tariff is now closed. The Feed-in Tariff is due to drop dramatically early in 2016 (exact date not yet known) so if you are interested in fitting photovoltaic panels, please apply for the scheme as soon as possible.


Funding now available for energy efficiency improvements in Telford and Wrekin


Telford and Wrekin Council has secured funding to heavily subsidise the cost of energy efficiency improvements in the home, through the Green Deal Communities scheme.  The scheme is being delivered by Dyson Energy Services.

Telford and Wrekin Council aims to deliver up to 1000 refurbishments, which will fund up to 85% of the cost of measures, including external wall insulation and boiler replacements.  This offer is limited to owner-occupiers and tenants within the Telford and Wrekin borough.  The Boiler element of this funding has now mostly been allocated, however there is still funding available for external wall insulation and for boilers in some areas.

For further information please visit Dyson Energy Services who are delivering the scheme

or contact Phil Owen who is carrying out the surveys.

Changes to Green Deal funding

The government has decided to stop funding the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC). Please see the following link to see how this might affect you.


Potential changes to the Feed-In Tariffs scheme

A consultation is being held on a review of the Feed-In Tariffs scheme, proposing that the scheme be reduced by 87% for new applicants from January 2016. So if you want to fit photovoltaic panels, you need to move fast.

The consultation ends on October 23rd 2015 - see the following link for further details.


Innovator Catalyst 2015

We are pleased to be involved with Climate-KIC in their coached 8-day Innovator Catalyst programme 'Decarbonising Buildings' for the second year running. Last year's programme went very well and attracted participants from Finland to Spain and Ireland to Romania. This year the programme will take place in Birmingham from 18-25 November 2015. Please see here for further details or visit the Innovator Catalyst webpage.

Dave Green becomes a lead assessor for ESOSA

Dave is now a lead assessor for Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme Assessors (ESOSA), a sister company to Green Deal Advice Midlands. For further information about ESOSA, please visit their website.


New energy assessment software could downgrade energy ratings

In an article in Energy Assessor Magazine, Dave Green explains that new RdSAP software may downgrade energy ratings and could adversely affect householders looking to fit PV or benefit from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (DHRI). Please see here for full article


Innovator Catalyst programme

Dave Green coaches on Innovator Catalyst programme

We were pleased to be involved with Climate-KiC in their coached 8-day Innovator Catalyst programme 'Decarbonising Buildings' which took place in Birmingham from 15-22 October 2014. This was Climate KiCs first Innovator catalyst, the 22 attendees came from Finland to Spain and from Ireland to Romania.  The course was well appreciated by those attending and Climate KiC are looking at running this Catalyst again as well as running catalysts on other subjects


Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive launched

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme offers a financial incentive to encourage domestic consumers to fit renewable heating systems - please see here for more details. A  Green Deal Advice Report, which we can provide for you, see here, is a requirement for the RHI scheme.  You need to make sure any cavities are filled and accessible lofts are well insulated. 

LEAF Funding Bids Successful.

 The bid we put into the Department for Energy and Climate Change LEAF fund for solid wall insulation for the Church Stretton Town Council was successful, it is one of only 82 successful bids out of over 200 applications.   The money has insulated the Council offices, provide some low energy lighting, some new heating controls and replace the single glazed display window.  The bid was prepared in partnership with Stretton Climate Care, and the work carried out by Shropshire Insulations. 

We also gained two phase two LEAF bids for the Household Energy Service in Bishop's Castle and are working on two other LEAF projects with Energy Alton and Southern Staffordshire Community Energy.

Pioneers into Practice Placement in Poland

In October 2011 I went to Wroclaw in Poland for a month working on a carbon accounting project. This excellent opportunity came through the Pioneers programme of the Climate KIC (Knowledge + Innovation Community)

see http://www.climate-kic.org/entrepreneurs/knowledge-dissemination/pioneers-programme/.

The companies I worked with in Poland are Energy Concept (www.energyconcept.pl) and PortaCapena (www.portacapena.com and www.ecoscada.com).

My first placement was at Staffordshire University looking into the anaerobic digestion of commercial food waste.

In 2012/13 I've been a co-mentor for the programme helping the Pioneers in the West Midlands. 

The programme will be running again in 2014, if you're interested in taking part do get in touch.

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